I have stage presence.

At least that’s what people have told me. A lot of people have offered that compliment (?) to me, from directors, to fellow actors, all the way down to my mom. Hearing it so much it has made me start to wonder…

What the hell is stage presence? Kinda seems like it’s just a polite way to avoid telling someone that they’re a bad actor.

“You have great stage presence…BUT… you’re terrible at acting.”

This seems very similar to the kind of response you give a new mother when her baby is really ugly.

“Oh! Well…isn’t he…small.”

What are the guidelines for good stage presence?

Are you on stage? Check!

Can you be seen? Check!

If you move and make noise do people look at you? Check!

That’s it! You have good stage presence! I’m pretty sure an ornery duck would also have good stage presence, too.

So what do you think? Is stage presence a good thing to have or a sneaky insult? 😉